KetaKeti in Belgium

In 1999, the association KetaKeti was established after a trek in Nepal where we became acutely aware of the many needs in the region. We are a core of friends who are convinced that developing passes necessarily through education and training. We have chosen to focus on a very interesting school project in Melamchi Ghyang (Welcome) We support the school mainly by paying the salaries of some teachers. It allows the school to appoint additional teachers and hence improve the quality of training. The results of the students at the central examinations prove that we are successful. They are amongst the best of the whole region.

After the 2015 earthquake, we have decided to provide immediate emergency assistance such as providing sleeping bags, fresh food etc … We are also providing greater support and help the reconstruction of the school in Melamchi Ghyang.

In line with the original vision we started recently supporting a neighboring school where we also pay the salary of one teacher.

In Belgium, our activities are focused on awareness-raising campaigns, lectures and of course raising the necessary funds (International donors). Several organizations and individuals give us support either on a one-time basis or on a regular basis. We also have a number of important structural sponsors.

Every two years we organize a summer buffet with an art auction (Charity event). Several well-known artists express sympathy towards our action by offering an artwork.

We keep very close contact with the local people. Every week there is a call with headmaster Purna. Regularly core members go on site (at their own expense) to keep in touch with the school, to discuss the priorities and to assess the progress.