Melamchi is a place with a cluster of houses on Himalayan mountainside and a temple village at northern part of Hyolmo valley of Sindhupalchok district. It is the network of scattered Hyolmo people, their lifestyle and culture. People here live with almost no income. Their life style is traditional and is being improved. Major economic activities here are traditional farming which helps the villagers to feed their children and live their living for four to five months only. Most of people go India for wage labour and nowadays youngsters are being attracted toward foreign countries mainly gulf and European countries. This shattered network and Hyolmo valley is being popular from one of the renowned school of entire district, shree Melamchi Ghyang secondary school.

                                                                                                                                                             Shree Melamchi Ghyang secondary school is not only a school, its history making a quality life, providing the light of education in every dark region of the area and securing the future of thousands of individuals. It is the trust of those Herder, farmer and minor worker who often work as a wage labours in India. Child who seeks better life, individual who dream of better world and lifelong achievement of determined teachers, conscious guardian and laborious student . It’s a dream of all those in foreign land who wish equality and prosperity and support this school financially or in other aspects. It’s a life time achievement of hardworking, optimistic, energetic and positive thinking principal, founder member, school management committee and parent teacher association.

                                                Officially, it was established in 2041 B.S.(1985) and government recognized  at 2045 B.S.(AD). The pedagogic activities from the private house now is dream land of opportunities and better education for 287 students. It is like a second home for 214 students in hostel. It’s the land of better career for 17 teachers. Melamchi Ghyang school is not only an education flourisher but also a good example of local resource mobiliser in other word it provides market to entire village. Villagers with locally available vegetables go to school hostel looking for some earning and those villagers never returns empty handed because SMGSS has lots to offer. It depends on you how much you want. If you want some, come get some at SMGSS. Besides, SMGSS also provides the employment opportunities to local mason, builders, and wage labour in any kind of constructing or building works.

                                                                                                                               In academic prospects, SMGSS is already awarded as the model school of district. It has been able to secure its excellent position in SLC/SEE examination since past decades. District topper in DLE examination, District topper in SLC/SEE examination are the results and clear reflection of how better SMGSS is. Till the date, it has been 11 years since it first appeared its 5 students in SLC/SEE examination in 2063B.S. That year it was only school to dare to appear its students in SEE/SLC examination in English medium in the district. But now more than 20 school give SEE/SLC examination in English medium as a result of that historical move of SMGSS. Till now about 200 students had passed out from this school and among them 189 appeared in SLC/SEE examination from here rest of other were not able to because SMGSS got license to run secondary level only after 2062B.S. Among the passed out students some have been able to be renowned doctors and engineer of country, some have been able to be food scientist after studying micro-biology. Some of those students are still going for their further study either in a country or abroad like USA, India, UK, Japan and many more. Similarly, some of those are in foreign country with good jobs and are helping in increasing national income and to the families through remittance as well. Most of those students have completed their bachelors and some have completed theirs master degrees as well. It has good example where after the qualification return back to village and are serving to community by engaging in the different job like as teacher, nurses, JTA and other.For all this credit goes to hard working principal, determinate teachers, optimistic students, energetic SMC and PTA members and kind as well as generous donor agencies like CAN (Community Action Nepal) , NCT(Nepalese Children Trust)  and keta-keti Belgium which had been and still is supporting financially in some of teachers salary and reconstruction of buildings of school and hostel after devastating earthquake.

                                                                        SMGSS even after being in such a high altitude and rural area where we don’t have proper assess of transport, communication and electricity but still possess high quality of education. It has its own computer lab for those who want to play with computer and keyboard and discover new ideas and connect worlds. Besides, it has its separate highly equipped science lab where students can show their creativity and show their love towards machine. Not only that, it has separate library where students can feel the magic of words and letter.

                                                                                                                                                    If only Melamchi Ghyang had proper assess of transportation what a height would have SMGSS have been achieving. Even though it is being the key concern of education seeker and development seeker. The words would be few and the paragraph will remain incomplete to describe and talk on what SMGSS is and what a bright future it holds and as a writer of this report lastly, I want to say among all those I have done, I’m proud to be part of this prestigious institution.   


By: Kunga Hyolmo

Ex-student( and now a teacher)