Tremendous fundraising effort by St Rembert College Torhout

Hilde Kuypers was present at the final show of “Music For Life” by the College of St Rembert (Torhout, Belgium). She saw happy school directors, a happy atmosphere, motivated teachers and many pupils. Class after class declared their proceedings and the final result was very impressive indeed!

Hilde was very moved and happy as chairwoman of KetaKeti to receive 15 238 EUR for our charity: A very heartfelt ‘Thank You” and “Danjebaat”!

With this amount we can do quite a number of things for the school in Melamchi Ghyang. The re-building (after the April 2015 earthquake) will start soon and this money will help us with infrastructure, furniture and teaching materials.

Well done!

The KetaKeti school in Melamchi Ghyang was founded 32 years ago!

32 years of proper schooling in a rural area. It turned an mostly illiterate village to literacy. Now everybody under 40 can read and write.

Many children experienced that good schooling is the way to a better life.

A big thanks to Sri Purna Gautam who started the school 32 years ago. He still is the headmaster and saw the school grow from a class in the open field to to an institute that teaches to 250 pupils and houses 150 interns. An impressive achievement indeed!

Sri Purna Gautam