Not an easy life

Some 20 months after the earthquake lots has been done in Melamchi Ghyang … Every time we see new pictures we see progress step by step, despite the enormous hardships.

The people are very flexible, resilient and inventive but alas more is needed: like funds for materials and transport. Don’t forget the Nepali people: they need our support!

Building frenzy

Melamchi Pul Bazaar is a hive of building, the bus park is lined with flat bed trucks being repaired, mostly springs. After MPB the building work ends. The villagers in Nakote and Melamchi have separately donated 2000 Nr per household to a JCB which is rebuilding the road. Slowly the road opens up to Nakote, the push to MG will take some time and building homes or schools cannot start until the road is built.

The rebuilding work is everywhere. Even Timbu has a building block making factory. Block are being turned out by the Thousand.



Finally a bit of road!

15193413_10154826486496336_7960109009497267117_nReally big building projects are very diffuclt due to the logistics. When KetaKeti boardmembers visited the village in september 2015, they had to climb for 14 hrs to reach Melamchi Ghyang.

In the meantime much hard work has been done and a wheelloader reached the village. Sinc november 26th some transport is possible. Many workshops now specialize in reparing broken suspensions….