Newyear message from the headmaster

Dear all

Keta Keti, Belgium.

Namaste and Good Morning . Thank you very much to you all for your Magnificent support for long year  in infrastructure development, regeneration , Health and education and  a  huge support after the earthquake disaster of 2015, yours incredible support in relief , rescue and rebuilt to this Melamchi Ghyang School and to the community. You have been taking care, love , inspired , guided and provided all things what we were willing too. Many School aged children of this community and surrounding communities and Nepal got opportunities to come , stay , learn the life skills and understand the value of education from this school  which those opportunity you provided to us, it made a big difference in our lives. Thousands of people treated through the health facilities and maintained the good life. This school could achieve a big success as a model school in quality education and spread the words everywhere and we were encouraged to continue in the years to come. That’s all happen because of you. without you, it was not possible.Thank you very much once again.

 If we look back in 1985 to 2000 AD there was no any facilities, we have had very limited resources. Gradually your kind and supportive hand extended to us and we got more facilities , we encouraged from you and did well and  was doing well and were  dreaming  of post secondary school in science faculty. Suddenly the calamities swipt way the  dreams. Immediately from your positive response and support, we encouraged and we recovered  by better then past. Now we have cozy classrooms, cozy accommodation to the girls and boys, a big funding to teacher Salary is continue, stationary and refurbishment.It is great support. A lot thanks.

Although we have shortage of 8 class rooms , 18 accommodation rooms and two teachers salary. We hope , some supportive hands will come to lift us and fulfill  our dreams.

Thank you very much again and we would like to request you all to visit our school in the coming days and provide us the feedback and encourage us.

We will be in touch.

Best regards

Purna Gautam

Head Teacher of Melamchi Ghyang Secondary School of Nepal.